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Tens of thousands of customers worldwide are saying yes to 幸运澳洲5开奖走势精准计划 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi and no to skyrocketing cloud storage prices, complex tiering schemes, and unpredictable fees designed to lock you in.

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Announcing the acquisition of Curio AI from GrayMeta, Inc

“A video archive without detailed metadata is like a library without a card catalog”

- David Friend CEO, Founder 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Technologies

"AI-powered storage will allow 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi customers to instantly find exactly what they need amongst millions of hours of footage and unleash the value in their archives. We believe this will be the most significant advance in the storage industry since the invention of object storage,” said Edell, Wasabi’s new Senior Vice President of AI and Machine Learning…

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🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi is the hottest cloud storage on the planet

Now you can afford to store all your data and still access it when you need it with no fees for egress or API requests.


80% less than AWS S3

No egress charges

No API request charges


Faster than the competition

Quick uploads & downloads

Private network options


Data center redundancy

11x9s data durability

Immutable storage

澳洲幸运五168体彩正规官方平台. One simple tier. Countless use cases.

Offload expensive on-prem storage. Protect your backups. Access archived data instantly. Do it all, affordably, with Wasabi.


Protect yourself from ransomware and accidental deletions

Our immutable S3-compatible cloud object storage offers unparalleled security, speed, and savings for your data protection and recovery plan. Data management teams love being able to test and retrieve their backups without being penalized with extra fees, while Infosec appreciates our multi-layered approach to security. With the industry’s only multi-user authentication account control, no single person, not a hacker or an account administrator, can delete a 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi storage account alone.

Protect Your Data


Unlock your content and streamline media workflows

Imagine a world where archived data isn’t locked away in cold storage but available at a moment’s notice. Always accessible. Infinitely affordable. With no fees for egress. That’s 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. Use it to reclaim expensive on-prem capacity. Ditch outmoded tape drives. Streamline workflows, enable remote collaboration, monetize archived content, and much more.

Supercharge Your Content


Preserve on-prem capacity and extend retention periods

Protect your video in the cloud or extend the capacity of your existing onsite video management system. Either way, say goodbye to expensive storage hardware upgrades and data management complexities. You can connect your surveillance system to 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage using the S3 API, cloud gateways, or the 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Surveillance Cloud plugin to instantly cloud-enable any traditional on-premises VMS.

Store More Video for Less
🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Surveillance


Simplify your sprawling data analytics infrastructure

Elevate your analytics and reduce infrastructure complexity without sacrificing availability, integrity, or control over your data. With Wasabi, all your data is in one simple, consolidated repositoryThere are no confusing storage tiers or complicated fee structures. Ingest and analyze massive datasets with speed, efficiency, and low, predictable pricing.

Build Better Analytics

World-Class Features, Tools and Options

Storage is all we do. What can our singular focus do for you?

Data migration tools

Whether you’re pushing petabytes off prem or want out from expensive hyperscale clouds, 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi has the tools to make it seamless. We’ll even take care of your egress fees.
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13 global storage regions

Deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers across North America, EMEA, and APAC, our hot cloud storage is the same low rate across all regions.
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Multi-tenant management

🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Account Control Manager is a single pane of glass for provisioning and managing multiple sub-accounts. Ideal for distributors and MSPs.
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Robust security & compliance

Strong physical and data security, IAM, MFA, SSO encryption in transit and at rest, and a unique account security feature found only at Wasabi.
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Ransomware protection

Immutability at the object and bucket level make it impossible for anyone to delete, alter, or encrypt your data.
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Flexible payment models

Pay as you go or pay by PO with Reserved Capacity Storage. Choose from 1, 3 or 5-year increments and save more.
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🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Partner Network

Build the solution you want, without limits, with the largest ecosystem of independent cloud application partners in the industry.


Integrating Wasabi

🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi is 100% AWS S3 and IAM API compatible, making it an ideal drop-in replacement or secondary storage target for your next hybrid or multicloud deployment. Our validated integrations with the industry’s most popular S3-compatible applications ensure a simple, seamless and optimized user experience. No heavy lifting. Just fast, efficient, and cost-effective cloud storage.

We’ve made it our mission to simplify cloud storage. Check out our complete list of Technology Alliance Partners.

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Selling 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi

Don’t just meet customer expectations, redefine them with Wasabi. Our unrivaled affordability and performance is igniting the industry, creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for resellers and managed service providers to dramatically increase revenues while boosting customer satisfaction and retention rates.

As a 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi reseller, you'll unlock exclusive benefits including co-marketing opportunities and dedicated sales support. Plus, gain complete visibility and control over your new cloud storage-as-a-service with 🔥澳洲幸运5🔥Wasabi Account Control Manager, a single pane of glass for provisioning, monitoring, and managing multiple storage accounts.

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Storage is all we do. What can our singular focus do for you?