Partner Portal

Self-service online sales training and marketing resources allow partners to start driving demand right away. 

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Learning Tracks

Become a trusted advisor and sales hero to your customers by completing our self-service learning tracks.

  • Get Wasabi Sales Certified
  • Technical Learning Tracks
  • Product Learning Tracks

Marketing Resources

  • Campaigns in a Box that arm you with all the content, email templates, and social media posts you need to run a targeted campaign on your own
  • Foundational assets to let your customers and prospects know that you now offer Wasabi hot cloud storage
  • Co-brandable assets to easily add your company’s logo and maintain brand identity your customers recognize

Deal Registration

Wasabi Partners with active resale contracts are encouraged to register end customer deals to proactively avoid any conflicts and to collaborate with the Wasabi sales team.


  • Assurance that Wasabi Direct team will not compete for the same deal or the associated end-customer account
  • Support and collaboration from Wasabi Sales for help with the Deal and end customer account as needed

Partner Portal FAQs

Who has access to the Partner Portal?

Partners who have an active agreement with Wasabi have access to the Partner Portal.

How do I register for the Partner Portal?

Navigate to the Wasabi Partner Portal login page and click on the second green box to Request An Account.

How many users can my company have?

Partners have an unlimited number of accounts available to them in the Partner Portal and your domain is whitelisted so that anyone with a valid email domain from your company is welcome to create their own Wasabi Partner Portal Account.
For full FAQ, visit here.

Become a Reseller

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The Wasabi Partner Network Program brings together an ecosystem of compatible Technology Alliance and Channel Partners with a simple program that enables partners to start making real money right away with our high performance, award winning hot cloud storage.