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Axis Communications and Wasabi Technologies deliver powerful video surveillance solutions built on an open platform that improve total cost of ownership, simplify installation and management, and offer endless scalability.

Fast, Reliable, and Compliant Video Surveillance Solutions with AXIS Camera Station Video Management Software and Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

AXIS Camera Station provides a powerful, yet intuitive platform to manage video surveillance solutions of any kind. Wasabi Surveillance Cloud instantly enables AXIS Camera Station deployments with access to bottomless cloud storage regardless of camera count or data retention requirements. Users can easily extend on-prem storage while safeguarding video data with instant disaster recovery.

With no reboot required, Wasabi Surveillance Cloud can be installed and running in just a few minutes on any new or existing Window-based server or recording device providing endless storage extension to the cloud. Video data stored within Wasabi’s cloud is accessible directly within AXIS Camera Station’s user interface and available to view from anywhere, any time – even on the road – with the AXIS Camera Station Mobile App!