Wasabi: The Data Lake’s Affordable Supercharger 

Scale your data lake seamlessly, from petabyte-sized lakes to oceans of insight, without breaking the bank.

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Ignite a data revolution powered by Wasabi and Snowflake

Snowflake is an enterprise-ready cloud data warehouse that simplifies leveraging data for unlimited business insights. 

Together, Snowflake Data Cloud and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage provide the framework for powerful and scalable data ingest, management, and analytics coupled with bottomless cloud object storage to help you meet your organization’s growing data requirements.   

  • Highly cost-effective cloud object storage solution with no fees for egress or API requests 
  • Immutable storage for ransomware protection 
  • Real-time and immediate access to data for competitive insights and business decisions 
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Snowflake Datalake Wasabi

Built for scale, durability, and security

Low Cost. No Egress Fees

Let your data flow freely with predictably priced cloud storage

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11 Nines of Data Durability

Ensure critical data remains intact for years to come

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S3 Object Lock for Immutable Storage

Protect against ransomware or accidental deletions with free storage immutability

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Break the Bottleneck, Unleash the Lake

Wasabi Fuels Frictionless Data Insights

Say goodbye to the sprawl of complex infrastructure and confusing pricing that choke your data ambitions. Wasabi simplifies your architecture, empowering you to focus on what matters – extracting actionable insights from your data lake. 

Unlock the potential of your data without the operational headaches. 

  • Eliminate costly on-premises hardware with Wasabi’s seamlessly scalable platform 
  • Transparent, predictable pricing with no hidden fees or unexpected bill shock.  
  • Scale-as-you-grow data lake strategy
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Wasabi Connections Data Lake

UK-based MSP, Autodata, Develops Cloudlake®: A Lucrative New Revenue Stream Powered by Wasabi

Although we offer a completely disaggregated cloud model, as we always remark internally, ‘All roads lead to Wasabi,’ and why shouldn’t they? Wasabi is quite simply a far better solution. To date, our Cloudlake customers have converted to Wasabi at almost a 100% rate,”

– Anthony Bucknor, Head of Data Center and Cloud, Autodata 

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S3-compatible storage works seamlessly with all major data lakes and analytics applications

We work with our best-in-class technology alliance partners to validate interoperability and ensure a seamless user experience.