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Solving data challenges in education with a new class of cloud storage

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Scalable cloud storage for higher education

Colleges and universities face a growing number of data storage challenges, often with limited budgets and resources at their disposal. Traditional hardware storage is not equipped to handle the explosive growth of data-hungry use cases: video surveillance, distance learning, medical and scientific research, or the massive amounts of video and multimedia generated by college sports

Wasabi is designed for bottomless scalability and infinite affordability. With a predictable pricing model, Wasabi makes it easy to meet all your storage requirements—be it backup, long-term archives, or data protection—on budget.

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Wasabi cloud storage is ideal for budget and security-conscious school systems


Predictable pricing with no fees for egress or API requests

Low-cost pay-as-you-go or lower-cost Reserved Capacity Storage


As fast or faster than AWS S3 at a fraction of the cost

Always-on “hot” storage keeps archived data available


FERPA-compliant cloud storage

Bucket and object immutability for ransomware protection


Single tier of service for multiple use cases

No hidden fees makes billing predictable


See why educators trust their backups and archives to Wasabi

Educational facilities around the world, from charter schools to Ivy League universities, trust Wasabi to keep their schools’ data secure and safe from bad actors with encrypted and immutable backups. Plus, our flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees or complicated tiers makes Wasabi the simplest most economical cloud storage solution available to educators anywhere.   

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Wasabi Storage for Education in Action

Ivy League University

“With Wasabi, we pay one-quarter of what we used to because there’s one flat rate for everything; there are no ingress or egress charges to access our data. Wasabi does one thing and does it well: best-of-breed cloud storage.”

– Steve DeGroat, Manager of Enterprise Storage at Ivy League University

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“We use both Veeam’s and Wasabi’s immutability. They’re perfect to prevent any sort of ransomware attack. We have a 365-day setting where those backups can’t be touched or deleted for a full year.”

– Kyle Begle, Network Administrator, Clarke University

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“Wasabi Account Control Manager gives us more vision into what our customers are doing. Not only has it helped us with security, it's also helped us in planning budget and potential onsite and cloud resources.”

– David Beardsley, Senior Storage Architect at Cornell University

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Engineered for education industry security & compliance

The security of your data is our first priority. That’s why Wasabi’s data centers are built in accordance with the strictest security and compliance standards in the industry, including FERPA.  

Physical Security 

  • Premier top-tier datacenter facilities 
  • Staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security 
  • Certified for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 

Data Storage Security 

  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest 
  • HTTPS secure upload/download 
  • Immutable storage options at the bucket and object level 

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Data Solutions for Education

Physical Security and Video Surveillance

The use of video surveillance in public and private schools and higher education helps to keep students and campuses safe. But high-definition video can eat up storage space fast—many campus police are only able to keep a couple of weeks’ worth of footage at a time. With Wasabi hot cloud storage, you can extend the lifecycle of surveillance video and store more for longer periods of time.

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Big Data Active Archives

Colleges and universities not only need to store vast amounts of unstructured data, they also want to make it available to students, teachers, and the public. Between sports programs, research, and faculty usage, there’s always a need for more storage space. Wasabi’s single, low-cost, high-performance and highly secure tier of service helps you store for the long term without being charged for accessing it. With Wasabi, you get active data storage at cold archive prices.

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Centralized Data Management

The role of data management in a university can often be challenging for large universities. Each department may have their own data management solutions in place, leaving university IT unaware of data operations at their own institution. For schools looking to cut down on “shadow IT” and bring their data storage under a single banner, try Wasabi Account Control Manager. The Wasabi Account Control Manager helps you simplify operations by automating the creation and modification of storage under management.

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Pricing and Plans

Choose the plan that works for you: convenient and simple pay-as-you-go or one-time payment with discounts based on capacity and term.

Wasabi’s pricing model of $.0058 per GB/mo ($5.99 per TB/month) with no additional charges for egress or API requests means you don’t pay to access your data.

 Pay as You Go

Pay $6.99 TB/month

No fees for egress or API requests

Basic support plan

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Reserve Capacity Storage

Purchase in 1, 3 or 5 year increments

No fees for egress or API requests

Premium support plan

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