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Increase revenue, customer satisfaction and stickiness by bundling Wasabi hot cloud storage into your solution

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Don’t leave money on the table

As data storage requirements grow, cloud storage is becoming an increasingly desirable addition to complement a variety of data driven solutions such as backup, archiving, video surveillance storage, and more. As you bring your solutions to the market, bundling in cloud storage brings a simplified, well rounded solution to your customers and adds more dollars to your revenue stream. Wasabi’s OEM program allows you to:

  • Offer your customers a complete, turnkey solution
  • Improve your margins while saving your customers money
  • Make your product more sticky with a predictable pricing model

What does it mean to be an OEM?

The Wasabi Partner Network OEM program is designed for technology and services partners to bundle Wasabi hot cloud storage with your own solution. You can integrate Wasabi hot cloud storage with your own intellectual property and/or 3rd party applications to offer repeatable, user friendly, integrated offers, priced and marketed your way.

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Improve your margins and save your customers time and money

Unlike other big cloud providers, we’ll never compete against you because cloud storage is all we do. That singular focus has made us the most cost-effective, highest performant, and secure cloud storage service in the business. When you sell Wasabi (either white-labeled or through our Powered by Wasabi program), you can maximize your margins and delight your customers by simplifying their buying and provisioning experience.

The Wasabi OEM Partner Program is Ideal for providers of solutions across verticals and use cases, including:


Backup and Recovery

Cloud NAS

Content Delivery Networks


File Storage

Media Asset Management

Post-Production Workflows

Remote Collaboration

Video Surveillance

CTERA’s global file system paired with Wasabi’s object storage delivers on-prem performance to handle the demands of a big project while protecting historical files and stale data in a vast, encrypted cloud container. We are excited to partner with Wasabi to deliver our technology to the mid-market, enabling CTERA and Wasabi resellers to leverage our extensive multi-tenant portal capabilities to deliver much-needed managed data services to their customers.”

Oded Nagel

Chief Strategy Officer, CTERA

Wasabi makes storage simple

Wasabi’s simple pricing model with no additional fees for egress or API requests makes it simple to bundle, brand, and price as your own.

  • Predictable Pricing – One incredibly cheap yet blazingly fast tier of service with no hidden fees. Price it how you see fit.
  • Simple Integration – Fully AWS S3-compatible with a dedicated partner API for easy provisioning and usage monitoring
  • Secure, reliable, and compliant enterprise-class storage with storage regions across the globe



Your solution . . . Powered by Wasabi

While OEM partners can opt to white-label Wasabi storage services, by leveraging the Powered by Wasabi logo in your marketing you tap into the full power of the Wasabi brand as a game-changing, leading-edge cloud storage alternative to the hyperscalers. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Co-branded collateral to promote your complete solution
  • Co-marketing opportunities, including webinars, blogs, PR, social media, and customer success stories
  • Market development funds to support your own campaigns and programs

We make scaling your new storage business easy, too!

Managing multiple customer accounts or different departments within an account is a snap with the Wasabi Account Control Manager. This web-based multi-tenant management tool enables you to scale your burgeoning storage business all from a one simple, user-friendly interface.

  • Create and manage accounts and sub-accounts
  • Offer free trials, extend trials or upgrade to paid accounts
  • Suspend and restore accounts without data loss
  • Query usage at an account or bucket level
  • Generate a single invoice that includes all end-customer sub-account charges 


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Maximize your margins and delight your customers by simplifying their buying and provisioning with Wasabi’s OEM Program.