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MSP360 offers cross-platform software products for file management, virtual drives and cloud-based storage and backup applications

Wasabi has partnered with MSP360 to help businesses eliminate storage and data protection cost and complexity, and keep pace with skyrocketing data growth. Wasabi is now fully integrated with MSP360’s Managed Backup Service (MBS) allowing managed service providers (MSPs) to easily provision and manage Wasabi hot cloud storage from within their MBS environment.

MSP360 Backup. Simple. Reliable

With MSP360 solutions, MSPs and IT teams can enable best-in-class data protection and IT management for their business. MSP360 supports Wasabi across its entire suite of products including MSP360 Backup, CloudBerry Explorer, and CloudBerry Drive. Wasabi is fully integrated with MSP360 Backup allowing managed service providers and IT teams to easily provision and manage Wasabi hot cloud storage from within their web console. By integrating Wasabi hot cloud storage into MSP360 Backup, MSP360 is now able to fully offer MSP and IT customers a convenient one-stop shop for backup and cloud storage.

Built for the cloud, MSP360 Backup allows to manage backup data for different clients with petabytes of data through a single interface, complete with monitoring and reporting options. With monthly billing, no contract, and cumulative discounts, users can leverage cost-effective Wasabi cloud storage to deliver best-in-class data protection.