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Avoid vendor lock-in and lower your total cost of cloud infrastructure. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage seamlessly integrates with compute services from hyperscale cloud providers as well as Equinix Metal, Hivelocity, IBM, Vultr, and more.

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Why cloud object storage for cloud compute workloads

Cloud object storage is ideal for secondary workloads, such as backups and archives. However, savvy enterprises are increasingly turning to object storage for retaining “warmer” data that requires more frequent access to compute resources—anything from email and SaaS data to images and video files. That’s because cloud object storage provides an ideal mix of price, performance, and security compared to block storage, file storage, and other multiprotocol solutions.  

Wasabi’s high performance and simple flat-rate pricing with no fees for egress or API calls make it the ideal cloud object storage for your application needs – regardless of the cloud computing service provider you choose. 

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Wasabi’s S3-compatible APIs and easy-to-use console make it easy to share and distribute data across multiple compute instances and applications.


Low flat rate with no fees for egress or API requests mean predictable pricing and easy on-target budget


Robust defense-in-depth approach, including encryption in transit and at rest and optional immutability against ransomware.

One storage target for a variety of compute services

Whether you need storage for general-purpose virtualized compute instances, accelerated compute instances for high-performance workloads, or bare metal instances, Wasabi makes the perfect storage target for a variety of use cases, including: 

  • Cloud-native applications Wasabi’s highly performant object storage can be used as affordable and fast primary storage for both production and dev/test environments. 
  • Backup and recovery Pair Wasabi with cloud compute and your favorite disaster recovery application to spin up failover environments for critical applications. 
  • Active archive Wasabi can be used for low-cost and durable archival storage while maintaining immediate access to content, so data remains readily available to adjacent compute services and applications. 
  • Hybrid infrastructure Extend the capacity of your on-prem or cloud-based servers with “bottomless” cloud object storage from Wasabi.
  • Multicloud data lake Wasabi’s cost-effective, S3 compatible object storage is performant enough to serve as a secondary storage tier or backup target for various unstructured data sources that your databases and applications depend on.  

Wasabi Cloud Compute Partners

We work with our best-in-class compute partners to offer you a wide range of services for your unique needs.

How to integrate your cloud compute with Wasabi

Wasabi supports the standard AWS S3 API and IAM controls, so applications can easily connect to Wasabi buckets using a variety of software development kits (SDKs) or via command line interface (CLI). 

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Featured Compute Partners

High-performance bare metal on demand 

$0 egress to Wasabi when using fabric or cross connects 

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Dedicated Cloud Compute

$0 egress to Wasabi 

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Wide range of on-demand Cloud Compute products 

$0 egress to Wasabi 

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