HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Storage for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Backup, archive, and protect medical imaging and other critical healthcare data with simple, affordable, and secure Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

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See how Wasabi is helping change the future of cloud healthcare with low-cost, high-performance cloud object storage.

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Robust healthcare data storage at a predictable cost

Data management has never been more critical to healthcare operations. With research, diagnosis and treatment practices evolving every day, clinicians and patients must have access to the right information the moment they need it. IT can help make that process easier and on budget. Streamline and securely manage  medical records storage with advanced cloud technology from Wasabi.  

Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage solutions reduce complexity and provide a straightforward approach to paying for cloud storage. IT managers can use Wasabi’s HIPAA-compliant cloud storage to ensure patient-related data is securely maintained in immutable storage that meets industry and government regulations while remaining protected against ransomware attacks and alleviating costs associated with data access and long-term retention.   

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​​​Healthcare data storage use cases

From life sciences data to medical imaging and beyond, Wasabi provides a secure, reliable, budget-friendly cloud storage solution for all your needs.

Data Retention and Backup

With genome sequencing, increasingly higher-resolution medical imaging, and expanding electronic medical records, healthcare generates a wealth of information that is too valuable—and, in many cases, unlawful—to throw away. Prevent data loss with Wasabi’s secure, ​​HIPAA-compliant cloud storage solutions.

Archiving and Data Analytics

Whether mining insights to improve operations or patient outcomes, stored data is useless if it’s not immediately accessible for processing and analysis. With Wasabi Hot ​​Cloud Storage for healthcare, all your data is active data at inactive archive prices.

Medical IoT

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) uses smart sensors and medical device integration to revolutionize patient care and hospital operations. Perhaps the greatest potential of IoMT will come from analyzing all the data that these interconnected devices will generate over time. Wasabi makes ​​storing that healthcare data finally affordable.

Security and compliance built in

Wasabi is built and managed according to security best practices and standards with HIPAA and HITECH patient privacy, intellectual property, and data security requirements in mind. Healthcare providers can use Wasabi as an active archive or as primary or secondary backup of their imaging and electronic healthcare records while staying confident their ​​cloud storage is HIPAA-compliant and always available for audits.

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Wasabi Storage for Cloud Healthcare in Action

“Wasabi has helped adopt Cloud Storage for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. The lack of egress fees made choosing Wasabi a simple decision when compared to other top cloud storage providers.”

– Sat Chana, Infratech Managing Director

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“We needed a solution that would not only help us affordably archive all our old data at a separate location but also ensure that the data is easily accessible any time a doctor or somebody has to pull a file, from whatever year. We found what we needed with Wasabi and Komprise.”

— Kevin Rhode, Chief Information Officer, District Medical Group

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“Ransomware is a major concern in the healthcare industry. Having offsite copies in immutable and affordable Wasabi hot cloud storage is critical for our day-to-day efforts and peace of mind. Wasabi’s Object Lock is a game-changer.”

– Kyle Burnette, Director of IT Infrastructure & Security, HIPAA Security Officer, BrightStar Care

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Seamless integration with thousands of cloud applications and services

Wasabi’s full compatibility with the S3 API makes it easy to integrate any application that leverages object storage using that API. Our list of technical partners, with verified integration, exceeds 300 and continues to grow.

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