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Media storage for modern cloud workflows

The modern media workflow encompasses dozens of technologies, including an array of hardware, software, and cloud services. This interconnectedness has broadened what organizations are able to accomplish and puts a new focus on seamless integration between products to keep existing workflows humming along.

This integration is so important that 42% of IT decision makers in media & entertainment report that their technology partners have a strong influence over their choice of cloud storage provider. Fortunately, Wasabi integrates seamlessly with the industry’s leading media software and hardware tools and applications.

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Why Wasabi for video and multimedia cloud storage?


One tier of high-performance cloud storage

S3-compatible to fit with your existing workflow


No costs for egress or API requests

Predictable monthly statements


All data is kept “hot”

Accessible from anywhere in seconds

The cloud media storage trusted by champions

Modern sports teams generate massive amounts of video and multimedia content they need to store, edit, and distribute to fans across multiple channels. The most celebrated names in sports choose Wasabi as their media cloud storage provider not just because it’s fast, secure, and affordable. But because Wasabi delivers the active archive capabilities these organizations need to be able to access files wherever and whenever they need, without delay or costly egress and transaction fees.

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The world’s greatest sports and M&E teams use Wasabi cloud storage

Built to store the world’s workflows

Backup and Recovery

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but hardware failures, mishaps, misplaced drives, theft and natural disasters are common occurrences. Media and entertainment firms need a fail-safe backup strategy that ensures they can rapidly retrieve media work when things go wrong.

By continuously updating copies of your work to Wasabi, artists are protected from localized events and disasters that can affect any backups that are stored near the original material. At a price that is 80% less expensive and faster than the competition, Wasabi makes it possible for media producers to limit or even bypass on-premises backup storage and replicate straight to the cloud. Wasabi helps media companies reduce risk, save money, and maintain the fast pace of their business.

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Finally, you can afford to store it all—unused cuts, CGI, animations, 3D renderings, and any other content you might one day want to dust off for another look. Plus, by taking advantage of Wasabi’s “eleven-nines” of data durability and selectable immutability features, you have peace of mind knowing that files will not be lost, deleted, altered or hacked in any way, no matter how long you store them.

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Media Processing and Management

Today, it is commonplace for virtual teams to work together on projects wherever they happen to be. In post-production environments, cloud storage enables creative teams to share files, collaborate, even “edit in the cloud.” This modern cloud-based production model eliminates the considerable duplication and physical transfer of files that traditionally would take place between editors, artists, and vendors – all of which are time consuming, costly, difficult to track, and prone to loss by human error or malicious intent.

Storing works-in-progress and archived assets in the cloud not only streamlines and protects production workflows but opens you up to a world of new and affordable talent. This type of “work-anywhere” flexibility is only possible due to Wasabi’s high-speed performance and no-charge-for-egress pricing.

Read Active Archive Strategies for the Media & Entertainment Industry to learn more

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Media companies constantly publish new stories and videos. They need a way to distribute this bandwidth-intensive content to end users efficiently and reliably. With Wasabi, your content is always readily available and highly secure as all Wasabi data is encrypted at rest and in motion. Wasabi is also infinitely scalable, able to handle as much content and high-resolution video as needed.

Read Imagen’s Future of Media Distribution report to learn more.

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What if you could store ALL of your data in the cloud affordably?

What if you could store ALL of your data in the cloud affordably?

NOW YOU CAN. Wasabi is here to guide you through your migration to the enterprise cloud and to work with you to determine which cloud storage strategy is right for your organization.