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What Does It Mean to Be a Wasabi Reseller?

The transformative shift from traditional datacenter infrastructure to the cloud provides significant growth opportunity for Wasabi resellers. Accelerate your customer’s journey to the cloud and win more deals with Wasabi’s secure, affordable and performant cloud object storage.

Why Resellers Choose Wasabi:


  • Affordable pricing helps  win more deals 
  • Upfront payment with the Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model 
  • Simple to understand and pitch to prospects

Easy Add-On  

  • Position with applications you already sell to earn more margin  
  • Low-cost, high-impact solution for backup and archiving 
  • Integration with 350+ leading applications means customers can keep their existing solutions 

Customer Demand 

  • Wasabi’s trusted brand brings customers to the channel 
  • Wasabi has an impressive customer retention rate – renewals made easy 
  • Infinite storage scalability with the ability to cross-sell for continued growth

Expand Your Business with Managed Services

The managed services market is expected to reach $393.72 Billion by 2028 and at least 60% of organizations are expected to depend on managed services by 2025.  

Wasabi is the only cloud storage service that enables organizations, to provision, monitor, and manage multiple storage accounts through a single pane of glass. 

Use Wasabi Account Control Manager to streamline billing and administration, enhance service and support, and turn cloud storage services into a profit center for your customers’ businesses. 

Wasabi Account Control Manager

Wasabi Partner Portal 

Become a trusted advisor and sales hero to your customers by joining our Partner Portal. Self service online sales training and marketing resources allow partners to start driving demand right away. Partners with active resale contracts are encouraged to register end customer deals to proactively avoid any conflicts in collaboration with the Wasabi sales team. 

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Our customers were telling us that their end users were demanding a storage option in the cloud that was easy to use, easy to understand, and with an easy pricing model that simplifies budget planning. They were asking for Wasabi.
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Simon Russin

Director of the CANCOM Cloud Marketplace

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The Wasabi Partner Network Program brings together an ecosystem of compatible Technology Alliance and Channel Partners with a simple program that enables partners to start making real money right away with our high performance, award winning hot cloud storage.