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LucidLink provides high-performance file access to Wasabi, extending its usefulness to file-based production workloads.

LucidLink Filespaces SaaS solution revolutionizes how users access large data sets from anywhere. Solving the problem of distance and latency in cloud environments, LucidLink provides quick access to files stored in the cloud enabling users to easily collaborate simultaneously on projects like working off a local drive.

Filespaces eliminate the need to download or sync files and work with any creative application. Its cloud-native file system utilizes Wasabi Cloud storage and works with any major operating system like macOS, Windows, and Linux. Data is entirely secure with a Zero-Knowledge encryption model.

LucidLink’s solution defies standard practice by streaming files on-demand with

  • Infinitely scalable, globally accessible Wasabi Cloud storage
  • Best-in-class, AES-256, “Zero-Knowledge” security
  • Compatibility with all major operating systems and all creative applications